France on Friday

Le Puy en Velay was our local Prefecture town. So though a beautiful place our memories are tinged with the various trips we had to make to register the car, gain access to the health system etc etc .

I haven’t a picture of the iconic basalt pillars and churches but here’s a stock photo from the local tourist board.


4 thoughts on “France on Friday

  1. I was quite scared of Notre Dame de France (I’m a bit off with religious statuary and painting in general) when I used to pass and see her standing up there all red and vast. And then I read that she was made from canons fired at Sebastopol and developed quite a phobia. However when we actually stopped in le Puy last year and walked up to her I was amazed at her perfectly gentle expression and after that looked out for her with some delight rather than dismay whenever we were passing East-West on that route ….. Great pictures, by the way – it is a very pretty town indeed.

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