The walled garden in January

The walled garden in January.

We are lucky to rent a cottage in the grounds of a large victorian hall with a walled garden to which we have access and I thought this could make a good subject for a winter project.

A further challenge would be to photograph only in black and white to concentrate on the forms and textures of a winter garden. The aim was to steer away from the more obvious images of a garden and concentrate on some of the hidden details, while providing a variety of images within the chosen strictures.

(All photos taken with a Fujifilm X-T2 and Helios 44-2 58mm/ Fujinon 16mm 2.8)


9 thoughts on “The walled garden in January

  1. Your living arrangement is just like ours. Tenants with full use of our landlords’ walled garden. I recently photographed ours every day for a month. Your project, in black and white, seems an interesting development. I might well try that. Thanks!


  2. Beautiful images, showing us that gardens still have something to offer us in the way of beauty at this time of year, even if at first glance they look untidy, dormant and not fulfilling their promise of greatness throughout the year.


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