Verge project: high summer

I have to be up front here, summer is not my favourite season. It can be – for me – too hot, muggy and stormy, even here in Northumberland and its quite often hopeless for photography.
As far as the verge is concerned it goes from interesting to a mess very quickly! So I tended to concentrate on the more intimate details, close ups,  side of things to try and give structure to the chaos of full summer growth.

(All photos shot on the Fujifilm X-T2 and various lenses.)


2 thoughts on “Verge project: high summer

  1. It was this very messiness that discouraged me from continuing to photograph the verges. I’ll begin earlier next time. Nevertheless, I am a summer-lover and am already getting bad tempered at the diminishing day length. I love those extended evenings and very early mornings!


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