Saar Digital: photobook review.

Saar Digital: photobook review

During the lockdown period we went on a daily walk and took photos just about every day. Caroline and I thought it would be a nice idea to turn these photos into a photobook.
I was lucky to be selected by Saar Digital to try out their photobook product with a voucher for £100. The only proviso was to publish a review of my experience with their product. 

So firstly the pros. 

The product is of high quality with the natural linen finish of the outer boards being particularly nice. I opted for the higher grade  with a lustrous finish. The reproduction of the photos is excellent throughout even though I haven’t a calibrated screen on my MacBook Pro. 

The cons?

Only two really. The software used to design your book is rather clunky and unintuitive at least that is the case with the Mac version. Also without the voucher the book would have cost £133. So it’s not a cheap option, but it is a quality product. 

The only other thing to note is that on my slowish internet connection (1MB up, 15mb down) it took a couple of hours to upload to the Saar Digital website.

So we’ve really been pleased with our photobook. Thank you Saar Digital!





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