Above the Coquet at Farnham Bank

We recently went to explore a section of the Coquet we’d seen on the map but not visited before. It was a typical July day of high humidity and summer clouds. Lovely views down to the river and across to Holystone and Sharperton with Agrimony in swaths on the river bank.  

Barbara Hepworth – “Ascending Form (1958)” in The Alnwick Garden

The Alnwick Garden was created by the Duchess of Northumberland, on land adjacent  to Alnwick Castle. The land was originally a garden but had been undeveloped for many years. It now has the largest collection of European plants in the UK and the largest Japanese cherry orchard in the world consisting of 329 trees. In one of the … Continue reading Barbara Hepworth – “Ascending Form (1958)” in The Alnwick Garden

Around Newcastle central station

This grand station was opened by Queen Victoria in 1850. The station was designed by the architect John Dobson and built at the joint expense of the Newcastle & Carlisle Railway (N&C) and George Hudson's Newcastle & Darlington Junction and Newcastle & Berwick Railways. It replaced three earlier stations: the temporary termini of the Carlisle … Continue reading Around Newcastle central station