developing your eye ii: triumph

Todays prompt for the "Developing Your Eye" WordPress photo course was "Triumph". The apple is the sole fruit on the tree that has developed from very little blossom. However this was the first blossom we have had in three years and the first fruit from this ancient variety "Court Pendu". Our garden is in the … Continue reading developing your eye ii: triumph


developing your eye ii: landscape

  nikon D3300, 18-55mm, iso 100, 1/160 @ f16 (Vourlhat village and the Senouire Valley, Haute-Loire, France) Todays post for the "Developing Your Eye ii) WordPress photo course. Working with the prompt Landscape. It was a very stormy, humid afternoon (30C) and with some thunder rumbling away in the distance.

developing your eye ii: scale

nikon D3300, 18-55mm, iso 100, 1/40 @ f9 Day three of the "Developing Your Eye ii" WordPress course and todays prompt was "Scale". I found this quite a difficult task and took numerous shots that failed miserably to portray Scale. However I think this shot of grass highlighted in the sun goes some way to … Continue reading developing your eye ii: scale

developing your eye ii: mystery

nikon D3300, 18-55, iso 100, 1/50 @ f10 Todays post is in response to the prompt "Mystery" as part of the "Developing Your Eye II" WordPress photo course. We were asked to look at the way light effects photography and can add mystery to a photo. The photo is a cropped image from the photo … Continue reading developing your eye ii: mystery

developing your eye ii: warmth

nikon D3300, 18-55mm, iso 100, 1/250 @ f10 I've started the second of the Developing Your Eye WordPress photo courses. So another 10 days of daily posts to come! The first prompt was 'Warmth", demonstrating the warmth that the sun brings. At this time of year the local meadows become quite dry and parched due … Continue reading developing your eye ii: warmth