Above the Coquet at Farnham Bank

We recently went to explore a section of the Coquet we’d seen on the map but not visited before. It was a typical July day of high humidity and summer clouds. Lovely views down to the river and across to Holystone and Sharperton with Agrimony in swaths on the river bank.  

Verge project: early summer

This time of year the verge absolutely bursts with life and colour as all the wild flowers compete for space. a couple of weeks ago it was cut, but new life is already springing up. The profusion and variety is restricted by the farming systems on either side of the roads, either sheep, pasture or … Continue reading Verge project: early summer

New project: The roadside verge

I’m starting a new project this month, based on the roadside verge. A lane passes north and south through our village and I’m concentrating on a half mile each way. Not just the flowers but anything I find interesting connected with the verge. The aim is to build up a body of work in both … Continue reading New project: The roadside verge