Verge project: high summer

I have to be up front here, summer is not my favourite season. It can be - for me - too hot, muggy and stormy, even here in Northumberland and its quite often hopeless for photography. As far as the verge is concerned it goes from interesting to a mess very quickly! So I tended … Continue reading Verge project: high summer


Above the Coquet at Farnham Bank

We recently went to explore a section of the Coquet we’d seen on the map but not visited before. It was a typical July day of high humidity and summer clouds. Lovely views down to the river and across to Holystone and Sharperton with Agrimony in swaths on the river bank.  

The seawater pool, St Monans

We had a wonderful holiday in May in the East Neuk of Fife, staying in the village of St Monans. One of the features is the old seawater bathing pool, now disused. You can read more about it in this article. The still water provided a perfect mirror for the sky. It was also a … Continue reading The seawater pool, St Monans

November in monochrome

Lots of photographs taken this month due to purchasing a new micro four thirds camera and some lenses. I'm appreciating the convenience of an electronic viewfinder, camera body image stabilisation and the - relative - low cost of lenses. All photos have been shot with the Lumix G8O (G85 in USA) and a variety of … Continue reading November in monochrome