Tile shed copse: Spring

It's been a strange spring here, wetter than last year but with warmer temperatures overall and very little frost. The copse has greened up since winter and is now looking verdant from all angles. The early blossom looked particularly good against the tile shed roof. And the gorse began to break out in the adjoining … Continue reading Tile shed copse: Spring


Along the Coquet

At this time of the year I’m always attracted to the sparse landscapes made by the trees stripped bare of their leaves. They are particularly suited to a black and white treatment and these were all taken along the banks of the Coquet river, just upstream of Rothbury. It was a very blustery day (thanks … Continue reading Along the Coquet

New 2019 photo project

Following on from 2018’s Tree Project, I’ll be starting a new project for 2019. This will be a little different as I will be following one local copse, the Tilesheds Plantation through the seasons, not monthly. Tilesheds Plantation is based around the only remaining building, the tile shed, of a Victorian brick and tile works … Continue reading New 2019 photo project

Tree project: December

So we have finally reached the last month of the tree project. It's been fascinating to follow the changes throughout the year. It's been a fairly drab month weatherise with little frost and unlike last year, no snow. However there have been some interesting light and skies throughout the month to give interest to the … Continue reading Tree project: December