The walled garden in January

The walled garden in January. We are lucky to rent a cottage in the grounds of a large victorian hall with a walled garden to which we have access and I thought this could make a good subject for a winter project. A further challenge would be to photograph only in black and white to … Continue reading The walled garden in January


Colour, naturally

I produce a lot of black and white images, probably more than colour, though this might not be apparent here. However a hop over to my Instagram account shows another story. I often find that the subject or the weather conditions suit b&w over colour. However as I’m shooting a RAW image I can produce … Continue reading Colour, naturally

Tileshed Copse: Winter

This has been the mildest winter we have known so far in Northumberland and in this final week of February the temperature has been at a record breaking high. So there has been a dearth of opportunities for crisp frosty morning or misty photographs! The ones I have included are therefore unrepresentative of the weather … Continue reading Tileshed Copse: Winter

Dusk falls over the Megabus

Whenever we go to Newcastle I always take my Olympus OM10II in stripped down mode, less the grip and with the 14-42mm pancake zoom. This compact setup fits into a tiny shoulder bag and is ideal for city snaps. Dusk is a good time of day for city photos with the shop and street lights … Continue reading Dusk falls over the Megabus

Tree project: December

So we have finally reached the last month of the tree project. It's been fascinating to follow the changes throughout the year. It's been a fairly drab month weatherise with little frost and unlike last year, no snow. However there have been some interesting light and skies throughout the month to give interest to the … Continue reading Tree project: December